We are dedicated to providing holistic family centered midwifery care to the Santa Cruz regions.

As midwives and natural health practitioners, we love the process of empowering our families throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


As a small child, both my grandmothers were labor and delivery nurses … and I have amazing memories of them drinking tea and discussing birth while I played with my dolls at their feet. Little did I realize the impact they were having on me.

I found my life’s calling after attending my first home birth in Santa Cruz when I was 18 years old. In the years that followed, I attended births in whatever capacity was needed. First, I provided childcare and served as a doula. Soon after, I found myself “catching babies.” (Including one in a Grateful Dead show parking lot!)

I have been licensed by the California medical board since 2009, and have a thriving midwifery practice. I draw on my many years of practice and study of midwifery, herbs, homeopathy, aromatherapy acupressure, massage and — last but not least — motherhood.


I became passionate about birth after the homebirth of my first daughter in 1993.  I went on to pursue midwifery through traditional apprenticeship as well as extensive academic programs and clinical internships.
In 2001, I opened my private midwifery practice and have continued to serve a diverse array of women and their families in their homes since then. I am a California Licensed Midwife and Certified Professional Midwife through the National Association of Registered Midwives.
I have had the honor of attending births in homes, yurts, tiny homes, school buses, hotel rooms and birth centers. I have seen the beauty and power of birth and continue to be in awe of the strength of women as they bring their babies earthside. I consider my role as midwife to be a guardian and guide so that the families in my care can welcome their little ones with love and joy.


Kara is our backup assistant and acupuncturist.

Kara is a Licensed Midwife and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine with a passion for reproductive and family health.Originally from Ireland where she completed her acupuncture training in conjunction with Nanjing University, Kara went on to become a registered midwife in the Irish health care system. Since moving to the US she has practiced as a community midwife in Los Angeles and Santa Cruz and has studied to become a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

Kara brings her years of experience in midwifery to her practice of Chinese medicine specializing in fertility, perinatal and reproductive health. She had her two babies at home and truly believes in the transformative power of respectful autonomous birth.

When not supporting growing families through the tender childbearing years, Kara can be found in the redwoods with her family enjoying nature and running on the trails through the forest with her dog.

Learn more about acupuncture with Kara.


In 1996 Kem White had her first of three home births which started her on a journey of health and wellness. She was fortunate to have both Sharon Pottieger, LM, CPM and Raven Lang, LAc and OMD as teachers. They introduced Kem to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Eastern-Western Herbalism.

She went on to intern at The American School of Herbalism. She studies Ayurveda in Sebastopol with DeAnna Batdorff and has completed The Clinical Ayurvedic Program. She combines Lymphatic Massage, Eastern-Western Herbalism, Tibetan Palate and Cranial Release, and Ayurveda.

Learn About Kem's Ayurvedic Lymphatic Care


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    When planning a homebirth, it is so important to have a capable and comforting midwife by your side. Kara is exactly this. During our pre-natal visits, she listened carefully to my questions and concerns and made sure I had all the information I needed to make the right decisions for my and my baby’s care. Her warm personality made our visits so enjoyable and I always looked forward to them.

    For my birth, she created a relaxed, safe space and helped me to feel confident in myself. My labor was very slow going and eventually I had to transfer to Dominican hospital, but having Kara by my side helped me to make that transition as smoothly as possible and keep me reassured.

    Despite not having the homebirth I had hoped for, I felt like my birth went as well as it possibly could have done, and my baby and I were (and still are) 100% happy and healthy. Kara was integral to my positive birth experience and choosing her as my midwife was the best decision I could have made. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

    Victoria, Bobby and Baby Alexander

    From the moment I met you I knew my birth experience would be perfect.  I instantly had a trust and bond with you. Everything you have done for me and Keith was amazing. I am so lucky to have found you. What a different experience I would have had at the hospital, right? You gave me the most beautiful birth story and I wouldn’t have done it any other way! I can’t wait for the second now.


    Dear, Dear,Dear, Dear, Dear, Dear, Dear, Aunty Sharon Midwife,

    When where you born? Did you have a midwife to catch you? Thank you for Catching Cian. Thank you for catching me. Why did I go first?

    All the best.

    a three year old girl

    It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you. Since the day we met, we knew it was a perfect match to work with you. We appreciate your care, thoughtfulness, humor, and professionalism. Thank you so much for helping to give our family a beautiful beginning!

    Naraya, Elio, & Oa

    J, Grayce & I have been so fortunate with our circle of friends and feel super lucky to have found you! You were a big  source of inspiration to me and I thank you! I hope we continue to share life and children together in the years to come.

    Dana, J, Grayce & Julia

    I want to thank you again for all the help with bringing Kiahna into the world. You have been a blessing in my life!


    Thanks for everything. I couldn’t have done it without you!


    Thank you so much for helping us bring our baby into the world! Your calm, upbeat presence was exactly what we needed. We appreciate everything you did for us and are eternally grateful for your assistance.


    You are the best midwife ever! You guided us towards a fabulous team, you gave us medical advice when we needed it and counseled us when that was needed. You provided us with the full spectrum of health care from homeopathics to western … all with a big dose of love. You are so incredibly skilled at what you do and we are forever thankful of your help bringing our baby into this world. We hope to see you next time around.

    Rachel & Beau

    We just wanted to say thank you for being such an incredible midwife! We really appreciate the care you gave me and the baby. Not to mention the way you included our 3 year old in the whole process. She loves you so much. We feel you went above and beyond. We all love and will miss seeing you. Thank you for helping us get our perfect birth. What an amazing birth story I have!

    Keep in touch! Much Love and Respect.

    Michelle & Brian

    Thanks you again for helping our family have a wonderful home birth!

    My daughter asked me if she can be a midwife when she grows up and if I will be her assistant. We will always remember you and always appreciate you!  We love you!


    Thank you, thank you! What would I have done without you? It was so incredibly amazing of you to show up for us in such an incredibly supportive way. You are an awesome midwife and we were very fortunate to have you.


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